Logo - B and Oars onlyBedford Crew is a club sport at Bedford High School in Bedford, New Hampshire.  The club was formed in order to give Bedford High School students the opportunity to participate in the sport of rowing with all the benefits it provides – fitness, teamwork, and the fun of taking part in a great experience with fellow students.

The high school club is supported by Bedford Crew Club, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides the team with the coaching, equipment, and facilities needed to operate.

  • Establish and grow rowing as a club sports activity at Bedford High School in order to give our students a chance to compete with other high schools and Junior community rowing programs in the sport of rowing
  • Promote physical fitness and well being by building a fun and enjoyable sports experience that focuses on team success and camaraderie
  • Give our rowers an opportunity to learn and practice water and boating safety
  • Help students earn hours towards activity requirements
  • Gain experience in a sport that may lead to opportunities for participation at the collegiate level and beyond
What we hope to achieve
  • Field a competitive rowing program for both fall and spring rowing seasons
  • Establish the right culture – a team known for its enthusiasm, hard work, and sportsmanship
  • Create a foundation for the club to grow – coaching, student participation, and the ‘rowing infrastructure’ that enables the program to thrive

Please consider supporting our club and joining us if you are a Bedford High School student!

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