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CRI Fall Classic Regatta (Fall)

Brighton, MA

Boathouse location:

Harry Parker Boathouse
20 Nonantum Rd
Brighton, Ma 02135



There are two locations for parking for families:   North Beacon Street across the bridge and the Charles E. garage located on the corner of Wooley Ave and Kingsbury Ave. It is suggested that you drop the rower off and then find parking.  REMEMBER, athletes cannot drive themselves to the races.

•    Only pre-registered trailers may park at the boathouse (received email from Theresa Fitzpatrick and a Parking Permit)
•    Off Site Parking at Arsenal on the Charles parking lot. Shuttle service provided starting at 7am - 3pm to and from CRI   Link to map below
•    Athlete drop off and pick up on North Beacon Street at Squibnocket Park -Link to map below.  Athletes and spectators will NOT be allowed to drop off at the CRI parking lot.

Athlete drop off zone

Off site parking map

Regatta Site map


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