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Bedford Crew Hospitality
The Chew Crew, as we are affectionately known as, provides food and hydration to all athletes, coaches, families and friends. This means we plan, organize and prepare enough food for about 200+ people per race. It is no simple task!

Why is this important?
Regattas are often day long events. The team can sometimes leave as early as 5am and not get back until the late afternoon. To ensure our rowers stay well hydrated and energized, we organize a food table (or several) that offers healthy drinks and snacks to all rowers throughout the event, free of charge.

During the Fall season, we provide a hot breakfast, grab and go snacks throughout the morning, and a hot lunch. We also have water, juice and some type of hot beverage.  During Spring season, we usually provide one hot meal, either breakfast or lunch depending on the time of the races, as well as grab and go snacks and drinks.  As always, we end each day with a dessert table before our rowers head back on the bus or home.

How Does it Work?
Each race week, you will receive an email from Bedford Crew with a link to signup genius with requests for specific items. These items are brought by the rower on the morning of the race.

We strive to provide a variety of items including fruit and vegetables, whole grains, high protein foods, and more.  We also do our best to accommodate special dietary needs. We always have a vegetarian option, dairy free items, and usually some gluten free options as well. If your rower has a specific dietary need or severe allergy, please reach out to us and let us know. We will do our best to accommodate as best as we can

The Big Red Tent
In addition to supplying food, we need volunteers to assist at the food table. The slots are included on the signup genius and are typically 1-2 hours in length. Don’t worry about the timing of your shift, you are always able to watch your rower race. This is one of the best volunteer opportunities as you get to meet, interact with and support this great group of athletes

Athletic fees do not cover the cost of food. We rely on donations from our crew families to support our food table.  The expectation is that all families will donate food to help provide for the food table or volunteer their time to man the hospitality tent at races.

Come See Us
The Hospitality tent isn’t just about food and drink, it’s a place to get to know other families and learn about the sport. We take pride in knowing the race schedule, the color and names of the boats, and on a good day, which boat your rower will be on! We also can help you find the race results! So, come on down to the big red tent and introduce yourselves!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Jenny Caouette, Hospitality Board Member at 
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