New England High School Regatta (Fall)

Worcester, MA

Location:  The race is being held at Regatta Point State Park, GPS address:  10 N Lake Avenue, Worcester, MA. 


Mapquest suggests it will take about 1 hour and 10 minutes to get there from Bedford.    Below is a Google image of the area – the trailers will be parked in the parking lot on the lower right and we will be launching into the river across from there.
Parking:   Last year, the race coordinators are encouraging spectators to park in the UMass Medical Center Garage, located at 385 Plantation St. in Worcester.  On the Google map, follow the parking lot on the bottom right up a bit and take a left on that road that goes clear to the other side of the photo.  I believe this is a hill that looks longer than it is in real life. The end of that road is Plantation street and the parking garage is somewhere in that area.  They said nothing about parking on side streets, etc., but if you adhere to any signs that might be posted, I think it’s all fair game.  We have been told that parking in the garage subjects you to the “rules and rates” of the parking garage which I believe is $10 for the day
Fees:  in addition to parking, there is a $5 entry fee to regatta point for all adult spectators.  


Worcester image1.jpg