How long has the crew team been around?faq

The Bedford Crew Club first formed in January of 2010. The first season was the spring of 2010 when 27 teammates trained mostly on the land and got into a boat once at the end of the season. Within a year, we’d grown to 80 rowers who are very competitive in high school rowing.

Water-based sports can be dangerous. Is it safe?
There are risks to every sport, but with the proper precautions, rowing is among the safest sports there is. Our coaches are very experienced and well-trained, and each rower must undergo a safety program, including a swim test before being eligible to row. In addition, the coaches monitor the weather carefully and will not go out on the water if there is any sign of bad weather.

How is the Bedford Crew Club affiliated with Bedford High School?
The Bedford Crew Club is a 501c3 organization that is not an official sport of Bedford High School. We exist to promote the sport of rowing at Bedford High School and have an informal relationship with the school that enables the use of BHS facilities. The Club is governed by a board of directors, all volunteers, comprised of community members, parents of rowers, and 2 rower representatives. We are entirely self-funded through registration fees, fundraising activities, and personal and corporate donations (for which we are extremely grateful)!

Is the program limited to BHS students or can anyone row?
At this time, Bedford Crew is limited to students attending Bedford High. BHS rowers can earn activity hours (8 hours max per season) for being a member in good standing on the crew team.

What kind of person makes a good rower?
We have football players, tennis players, LAX players, piano players, chess players, and even first-time athletes. More important at the high school level is desire, commitment, hard work, dedication, and attitude. If you want to row, we will work with you on the skill and conditioning you need to compete.

Do I need any equipment or special clothing?
You will need a good pair of running sneakers and spandex shorts.  Required racing tank is $36.  Additional recommended clothing is available as well.  All other equipment is supplied by the Crew Club.

How much does it cost?
There’s no way around it. Crew is an expensive sport. The registration fee is $500.  We are trying to maintain a balance between affordability and the ability to row. Given all that, we strongly believe there is a fantastic return on investment.

Where do we practice?
Dry land training is at Bedford High School. Training on the water is at Amoskeag Rowing Club in Hooksett, NH (exit 11 off 293). . Rowers must provide their own transportation to and from the boathouse, but we do help with coordinating carpools. Total of 4 weekday practices – 2 at BHS, 2 at ARC, plus Saturdays.

Can I do another sport at the same time as crew?
The short answer: NO. Crew is a club sport because it is not an NHIAA-sanctioned sport, which is typical nationwide for high school rowing and is one of the reason we are self-funded. However, the commitment is the same – if not greater – than that of a Varsity sport. Beyond the commitment to yourself and the sport, there is a greater commitment to the team that is unique to rowing: If you don’t show up for practice, there’s a good chance no one in your boat will be able to go on the water.

Do I have to row in both the spring and fall seasons?
You do not need to make a commitment to both seasons in order to row. The fall season consists of “head races”, which are typically between 2 and 3 miles long (approx. 15-25 minutes). Spring races are “sprint rowing”, typically 1500 meters for high school rowers (approx. 5-8 minutes). The practice equivalent for each season is approximately the same.

Does everyone make the team?
There are a limited number of positions available on the team.  Once we reach capacity, registrations will no longer be accepted.

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